Coffee & Kareem (2020) is an upcoming Hollywood Action Comedy Movie directed by Michael Dowse and produced by Mike Falbo and Ed Helms who is one of the leads in the movie.  The movie is scheduled to be released on 03 April, 2020. However, due to Corona Virus attack Lockdown situation almost in every country, the release date is expected to be postponed for long.

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Coffee & Kareem



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Mechael Dowse

Ed Helms, Taraji P Henson, Terrence Little Gardenhigh, King Bach, Jesse Hutch

Movie Plot: Venessa Manning (Taraji P. Henson) is a single mother and happily lives with his twelve year old son Kareem Manning (Terrence Little Gardenhigh) who is also very happy and enjoys single status of her mother since he is the only heir to her love and affection and no one is there to share the same.  

James Coffee (Ed Helms) is a police officer and soon enters in their lives and comes closer to Venessa who also reciprocate her positively. But young Kareem is not able to digest the collaboration of her mother with her new boyfriend James. Kareen then starts planning and plotting to separate the couple so that only he can enjoy the love and affection of her mother. However, his innocent plans are feeble enough to be failed every time. 

Devastated Kareem, after repeated failure, tries to hire a criminal to take James out of the life of her mother.  But in the entire process he accidently exposed a secret criminal network and becomes the target of the criminal’s alongwith his mother. 

Venssa suggests Kareem to team up with James to protect them against the wrath of cruel drug mafia king Jerome (Serge Houde). Kareem though does not like James at all but he has no alternative to save him and his mother from the ruthless mafia. And a dangerous chase begins.