Cookie (2020) Movie Review

Cookie is yet another Horror Bollywood Flick and the very first of 2020. As we all know that there is a huge section of people who loves to watch Horror Movies. Cookie is one more such movie. The trailer of any movie tells a half story about the movie and quality and class of the movie. Yet it is better to watch the movie before coming to a judgment about the movie. Because a movie trailer can be good, bad or average, but the movie script and execution of that script by the director is very crucial from the critics point of view. In this particular case the movie trailer depicts the movie in entirety.

Movie Plot: Cookie (Viboutee Sharma) is a hot headed young adolescence girl who is very upset with negligence of her parents towards her. Her father Rajeev Kapoor (Rajeev Gupta) and mother Aparna Kapoor (Reena Wadhwa) remain busy in the business activities and whatever spare time they is being used for their younger baby. This act of her parents make Cookie to feel like rival of her sister. Later she dies and re-appears as a Ghost who does not like her parents and her younger sister.

Acting: No actor is impressive at all. Melodramatic act of Reena Wadhwa and emotional less acting of Rajeev Gupta would definitely force you to notch your hair in frustration. Vibhoutee Sharma though a bit digestible with some HAAJMOLA etc. No other actor could do justice to the camera and the director has failed very badly to make them act according to the very badly written script.

Direction: Nothing much to say about direction. As stated above, the director perhaps forget that the story is required to be revolves around in the mind of audience. But he kept the story in his mind only and it appears that while making the movie he forgot about the audience. He made the movie for his satisfaction only and not for the audience. I would like to emphasize that for a good movie, a good script is the first and foremost requirement without which it is next to impossible to make the movie interesting and entertaining. In this movie the script and screenplay is very badly written and SONE PE SUHAGA is the direction. There is no doubt that the script was not good at all but that is why a director is so important for the movie. Lalit Marathe, as a director, was required to present the movie is such a style that it could become impressive. But unfortunately he could not add any flavor in the movie and the bad script becomes worse after execution.

Cookie Movie Review:

The movie raises some serious issues like ‘Sibling Rivalry’, parents negligence towards their ward, parents biased behavior between two children, psychology of a children and a young adolescence child etc. but sorry to say that the movie is headless. The Script Writer and the Director perhaps forget that the story is for audience and not for them only. It is hard for an audience to understand the concept of the movie and as to under what mental trauma Cookie is going through and why. We have seen 'Sibling Rivalry' in many Masala Bollywood movies but 'Cookie' takes this rivalry to an entire new level. Yet we don't find any reason to watch the movie.  In short there is no element in the movie which could bring the audience to the cinema hall. Above all the movie fails to entertain the audience

Bollywood Product Rating: 1.5/10.

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