Madhagaja (2021) [Kannada ](2021)

Madhagaja (2021) [Kannada] (2021)

Film Name Madhagaja (2021)
Genre Action
Director S Mahesh Kumar
Producer(s) Raghunath Umapathy Srinivas
Music Director Ravi Basrur
Lead Cast See Full Cast
Release Date 03 December 2021 (India)
Movie Budget 7 Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection 20.23 Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: 4.9/10    Bollywood Product: 5.5   

Madhagaja (2021) [Film] Synopsis

Madhagaja is an Indian Kannada-language Action film released on 3 December 2021. The Hindi dubbed version (Madhagaja) was premiered on the YouTube Channel of RKD Studios on 24 April 2022.

Movie Plot

Bhairava (Jagapathi Babu) is a landlord of Shivgarh, an Indian Village, and lives happily with his wife Rathnamma (Devayani).

Bhairva has a rival Veerabhadra (Anil Kumar), and his son Tandava (Ramachandra Raju). They live in Gajendragarh, the adjoining village of Shivgarh.

The water supply for irrigation of the Shivgarh village depends upon a river that runs through Gajendragarh, and Veerabhadra and Tandava do not wish to give water to the residents of Shivgarh.

Bhairava fights for the water rights of the villagers, and a blood-shedding game stat between Bhairava and Veerabhadra. Rathnamma, though does not like the cruelty, but she is helpless.

Rathnamma becomes pregnant and gives birth to a baby boy. At the same time, Bhairava hears that Veerbhadra and his goons have attacked the villagers of Shivgarh.

Bhairva leaves home to save the villagers. However, in the absence of Bhairva, Veerbhadra enters his house with some goons and starts killing everyone in the home.

Rathnamma (Devayani) somehow manages to flee with her newly-born baby boy. Goons subsequently follow Rathnamma to kill her and her newly born child.

Rathnamma meets Basavanna (Rangayana Raghu), a villager of Shivgarh, and hands over her newly born child with the request to leave the village so that his son may grow up in a normal atmosphere. Vasavanna leaves for Varanasi, India, with the newly born child. Bhairava reaches there and saves his wife, who tells the lie that her son is drowned in a pond.

The boy Surya (Srimurali) grows up in Varanasi, where he works at a cremation ground with Vasavanna since his childhood. In the meantime, Vasavanna visits Rathnamma once a year and takes money for the nourishing Surya.

After more than 25 years, Surya becomes and grown young man and works as a Property Agent. He became the Bhai (Powerful Goon) who is always ready to fight with others.

Surya gets property papers of a plot, which is in the illegal possession of Veerabhadra. Surya decides to visit Gajendragarh with his friend (Chikkanna). However, no one is ready to buy that property because everyone fears of deadly criminal Veerabhadra.

Someone tells Surya that Bhairava (his father) can help him to get the plot to sell. Surya meets Rathnamma, who offers Surya to stay with him. However, Surya's habits make her suspicious because he acts like his father.

Rathnamma asks Vasavanna about his son. Vasavanna informs her that Surya is her son. Rathanamma starts giving motherly love to Surya, but she soon finds that Surya is willing to help his father in the blood-shedding game. In the meantime, he falls for Pallavi (Ashika Ranganath), and they both fall in love.

Fearing that Surya would interfere in the bloodshed, Rathnamma gives the amount of money Surya required for the land and asks him to leave the village. Surya happily accepts the offer. However, Vasavanna tells the truth to Surya that Rathnamala and Bhairava are his parents.

Surya now decides to stay back in the village and protect his father without disclosing his true identity. He hits Veerabhadra and his good badly.

Tandava comes out of the jail and goes after Surya to kill him and Bhairva. Will Surya be able to save his family from the hand of Tandava forms the rest of the story.

Full Cast and Crew of Madhagaja (2021)

Full Cast:

To be Updated Soon.

Other Cast(s):

Srii Murali
Ashika Ranganath
Jagapathi Babu
Ramachandra Raju
Rangayana Raghu
Anil South Indian Actor
Shivaraj K R Pete
Dharmanna Kadur

Full Crew:


S Mahesh Kumar


Raghunath Umapathy Srinivas


Music Director(s)
Ravi Basrur

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