Satta Bazaar (1959) [Hindi ](1959)

Satta Bazaar (1959) [Hindi] (1959)

Film Name Satta Bazaar (1959)
Genre Drama
Director Ravindra Dave
Producer(s) Ravindra Dave
Music Director Kalyanji Anandji
Lead Cast See Full Cast
Release Date 01 January 1959 (India)
Movie Budget Not Available Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection N.A. Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: 6.2    Bollywood Product: 5.5   

Satta Bazaar (1959) [Film] Synopsis

Satta Bazaar is a Bollywood Hindi Movie released in 1959. Ravindra Dave produced and directed the movie. Khwaja Ahmad Abbas wrote the screenplay and dialogues of the movie. 

The movie stars Meena Kumari and Balraj Sahni in lead roles. Johnny Walker, Asit Sen, Ramayan Tiwar, Vijay Chowdhur, Moolchand, Suresh and Uma Dutt played pivotal supporting roles.

Kayanji-Ananji composed songs for the movie. One of the lovely songs was Tumhe Yaad Hoga sung by Lata Mangeshkar and Hemant Kumar.  Gulshan Bawra penned the lyrics of the song. This song was featured in Binaca Geetmala Annual List of 1960 at Rank 16. 

Satta Bazaar (1959) Movie Plot

Ramesh (Balraj Sahni), a widower, lives together with his young daughter Kala (Vijaya Chowdhury). He also tenders love of a mother to Kala. However, he still thinks that he is not an alternative to a mother. 

To tender the real mother love to Kala Ramesh marries Jamuna (Meena Kumari). Though Kala is not happy with her new mother, yet Jamuna gives Kala a complete motherhood love even after having her own baby boy.  

Time elapses and Kala grows up as a young girl and falls in love for Shyam (Suresh). Shyam is son of Bholanath (Asit Sen) business partner of Ramesh. However, he belongs to a different caste. Thus, Ramesh disapproves their collaboration.

Jamuna intervene in the matter and convinces Ramesh for the alliance of Kala and Shyam. Eventually Ramesh approves the alliance of Shyam and Kala because of the efforts make by Jamuna.

In the meantime, Ramesh meets Badri Prasad (Ramayan Tiwari), a very big business man and starts investing in Stock Markets. However, he faces big loss in the Market and reaches on the verge of bankruptcy.

Ramesh seeks help from Badri Prasad who is ready to help him financially. However, Badri Prasad makes a condition and seeks the hand of Kala for his only Son Pritam (Krishnakant).

The question remains the whether Ramesh would accept the offer and sacrifices the happiness of Kala or to leave his destiny to meet awful circumstance.

Full Cast and Crew of Satta Bazaar (1959)

Full Cast:

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Other Cast(s):

Meena Kumari
Balraj Sahni
Vijaya Choudhury
Johnny Walker
Asit Kumar Sen
Ramayan Tiwari
Uma Dutt
Narbada Shankar
Sabita Chatterjee
Mohan Sharma

Full Crew:


Ravindra Dave


Ravindra Dave


Music Director(s)
Kalyanji Anandji

Songs Of Movie Satta Bazaar (1959)

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Satta Bazaar (1959)
Satta Bazaar (1959)
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Satta Bazaar (1959)
Satta Bazaar (1959)
Satta Bazaar (1959)

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