Which horrible Bollywood movie became a blockbuster?

  • Post Date: 04 Sep, 2019

Bollywood Movies are great source of entertainment and these movies can be classified in Hit or Flop.  However,  a flop movie does not mean a bad movie always similarity a Hit movie does not guarantee good quality entertainment. 

We can see various examples where good movies are turned down by the audience despite having all local formulas which guarantees a film to be commercially hit. One of such Hindi Movie is Shaan. It was proved to a disaster at the time of its release. 

Hindi Movie Mera Naam Joker is also one of the example which made the great Showman Raj Kapoor bankrupt.  The list is very long  and uncountable.  

In the same way some movies got commercial success even after having  loose script, stretched irrelevant scenes and very poor directions even by renowned film directors. Ra One starring Shah Rukh Khan was one of those movie where a robot fall in love with the lead actress. Though the movie had lots of flaws it became superhit.  The other one is Salman Khan starrer Bharat (2019).

Latest example is Saaho box office collection day. The movie earned Rs. 125 Crore in the opening day and made a new record first day collection beating the earlier record of Baahubali-2.  Till date Saaho has earned Rs. 350 Crores  and going on. 

 Some Love Stories have stunned the bollywood by their performance Aashiqui and Aashiqui-2 are great example of the same. 

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