Avatara Purusha [Kannada Film](2022)

Avatara Purusha [Kannada] (2022)

(UA) 130 Mins. 43 Secs.

Film Name Avatara Purusha
Genre Action , Fantasy , Thriller
Director Suni
Producer(s) Pushkara Mallikarjunaiah
Music Director Arjun Janya
Lead Cast Sharan, Ashika Ranganath, P Sai Kumar, Ashutosh Rana, Srinagar Kitty See Full Cast
Release Date 06 May 2022 (India)
Movie Budget 4 Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection ₹ 4 Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: 6.3    Bollywood Product: 6   

Avatara Purusha [Film] Synopsis

Avatara Purusha is an Indian Kannada-language ( Action , Fantasy ,and Thriller ) film released in cinemas on 06 May 2022.

The Kannada-language film "Avatara Purusha" received its CBFC certificate (No. DIL/2/40/2022-BAN12) on 12 April 2022, with an initial runtime of 128 Minutes and 24 Seconds , accompanied by a UA (Universal Adult) rating. In a notable update, a revised certificate was issued on 29 April 20244, reflecting a slight reduction in runtime to 130 Minutes and 43 Seconds and a change in rating to UA (Universal Adult).

Avatara Purusha Part 1: Astadigbandanamadalakam, or simply Avatara Purusha, is the first instalment of Avatara Purusha. The 2nd instalment of the franchise, Avatara Purusha Part 2, releases in 2024.

Movie Plot

Darka (Ashutosh Rana) is after a magical stone, Trishanku Mani, to become powerful. Brahma Jois (Ayyappa P. Sharma), the saviour of Trishanku Mani, knows that Darka will use the power of Mani for his evil intentions. Thus, a battle continues between the two for the Mani.

In an unfortunate turn of events, Brahma Jois succumbs to death. However, before his death, he hides the Mani in his house and deploys the Ashta Dhigbandama, a ritual performance for keeping out evil spirits from all directions.

Rama Jois (P. Ravi Kumar), an Ayurveda expert, is the son of Brahma Jois. He lives happily with his wife Susheela (Bhavya), young son Karna, and sister Yashodha (Sudha Rani). When Karna goes missing while on a trip to a temple festival, owing to the negligence of Yashodha, Rama Jois throws his sister out of his house and breaks all relations.

After many years, Yasodha opens up to her daughter, Siri (Ashika Ranganath), about the circumstances that brought about a split between her and her brother, Rama Jois.

Siri decides to find Karna, bring him back home and will mend the brother-sister relationship. In the journey to find Karna, Siri meets Anila (Sharan), a Junior actor struggling to find a good role in films.

Siri convinces Anila to act like Karna and presents him before Rama Jois. However, Rama Jois is not ready to accept Anila as his son, Karna. In the meantime, Darka (Ashutosh Rana) is back to find out the Trishanku Mani.

What happens next? Will Darka get the Trishanku Mani?

Full Cast and Crew of Avatara Purusha

Full Cast:

Lead Cast(s):

Actor Character
Sharan Anila/Karna
Ashika Ranganath Siri
P Sai Kumar Rama Jois
Ashutosh Rana Darka
Srinagar Kitty Kumara

Other Cast(s):

Actor Character
Sudha Rani Yashodha
Bhavya Susheela
Balaji Manohar Hinnudi
Ayyappa P Sharma Brahma Jois
Vijay Chendoor Bhoja
Sadhu Kokila Gampa
B Suresh Kanti Jois
Manthana Janaki
Patre Nagaraj Ram Shetty
Kavya Talavar
Vishwa Vijetha
Abhijith Angadi
Abhijit Mahesh
Mohan Kumar D K
Praveen K B
Ullas Hydoor
Gururat Hosakote

Full Crew:


Assistant Director(s)
Shailendra Kumar
Associate Director(s)
Sheelam M Swamy


Pushkara Mallikarjunaiah


Music Director(s)
Arjun Janya


Sheelam M Swamy


William David

Production Designer:

Assistant Art Director(s)
Dharani Gangeputra

Production & Distribution:

Production Company(s)
Pushkar Films


Dance Choreographer(s)


Stunts By
Vikram Mor

Sound Management:

Sound Designer
Babychen Paul
Ravi Hiremath
Sound Effect Editor
Babychen Paul


Blockbuster film (2022)

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